How to fix ubuntu no apt-get complete

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chmod o+r /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99synaptic


Setting up a Fedora NFS server

•2006 August 17 • 19 Comments

Setting up a Linux NFS (Network File System) server has never been anything challenging. However there are a few security issues worth having a look at: especiall the firewall-part of the business.

In the following guide, we are going to have a look at a convenient way of creating an NFS server from behind Fedora’s built-in iptables firewall. Continue reading ‘Setting up a Fedora NFS server’

Installing Fedora Core 5 with anaconda dmraid support disabled

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Anaconda, the Fedora Core installer sometimes makes a real mess when having to deal with raid-capable, but not raid partitions.

For example on my absolutely normal IDE machine it felt my hard drive as a RAID device. At first, I experienced no further problems apart from having my drives called dm1, dm2 instead of hda1, hda2 etc. But the worst thing was yet to come: when kernel series 2.6.17 were introduced, the new kernels didn’t even boot.

That was the point when I decided to reinstall, but this time I started anaconda with the

linux nodmraid


Switching Greeters: KDM instead of GDM

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If you are using Fedora, it is 100% sure, that you have already encountered with a greeter program: they are responsible for creating a graphical log-in screen.

When a Fedora Core computer is turned on, the default log-in manager to appear is GNOME’s GDM, as the folks at Fedora are having a crush on everything that is related to GNOME. Though it is pretty nice, and it can log you in to KDE (or any other installed Desktop Environment) as well, you might want to use KDE’s own greeter, KDM. Continue reading ‘Switching Greeters: KDM instead of GDM’